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RT @NorwichNewsOnly: #NorwichCity #NCFC Hearts Agree Naismith Loan #Canaries #OTBC #CanaryCall
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RT @BarryAnderson_: Exclusive Austin MacPhee interview: Being present at three world disasters, how Hearts should be in Europe and winning…
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@thehistoryguy As the wind rattles your windows, I’m reminded that you campaigned for #BetterTogether. Given toni…
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@ToxicDeath @JamTarts A Steve Fulton snowman... that's quite impressive 😂😂😂
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RT @tartanjambo_x: Had loads of fun in the #snow today. Here's my wee #Jambos #SnowMan i made @JamTarts #HMFC ⛄❄⛄❄
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RT @grantrussell_: Looking for a sample of people who come on the Motherwell website regularly to take part in a quick survey to help us sh…
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@meestah_sahmon Big plate?
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RT @michaelsthings: attention academic people. i just found liquidtext, which may well be the bees knees as far as research reading apps go…
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@The_Tman10 Armageddon??? Have Rangers died again?
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RT @NutmegMagazine: We've a copy of The Story Of The World Cup by Brian Glanville to give away thanks to @FaberBooks. There’s apparently so…
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Yes, after much deliberation, the VfG predictor competition is indeed back.

So, if you fancy winning a bespoke, one-of-a-kind, mug get yourself signed up for a VfG account and start playing ... it's that simple.

The first weekend's fixtures are already up on the system and are just waiting for you to start predicting... so what are you waiting for?

You can find the predictor by clicking on this link.

Best of luck!!

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