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@Kcim67 Consider the challenge undertaken!
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@pwallachi2 Ooft. 😂
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@lordfannybaws @pwallachi2 I suspect he's not got a WHOLE lot going for him and this will either make him a cause c…
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@pwallachi2 I am torn because the guy is clearly a massive fud and the entire 'joke' was as funny as a raging case…
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RT @JimMFelton: "Hello Stephen. I've waited ever such a long time for you to return, Stephen. I got ever so... hungry." Wh... where's Ali…
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@Roy1Batty Perhaps his purpose is to be a lesson in hubris for the American people? A lesson learned can be a positive contribution.
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RT @SPFLTrust: Don't forget that BBC Radio Scotland comes live from @JamTarts tonight, as part of our partnership with @BBCSportsound. You'…
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@LesleyRiddoch @HistoryVikings Fantastic show. I kinda want to adopt Floki.
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@AlanMeikle Better them than kidney stones!!
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Yes, after much deliberation, the VfG predictor competition is indeed back.

So, if you fancy winning a bespoke, one-of-a-kind, mug get yourself signed up for a VfG account and start playing ... it's that simple.

The first weekend's fixtures are already up on the system and are just waiting for you to start predicting... so what are you waiting for?

You can find the predictor by clicking on this link.

Best of luck!!

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