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Seeing guys like @ChrisEvans and @MarkRuffalo rally round young Keaton gives me just that little bit of hope for hu…
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RT @BarryAnderson_: Hearts and Hibs battling each other to sign winger Niall McGinn: #HMFC #Hibs #NorthernIreland h…
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@MareeToddSNP Dex needs one of those... not easy to find in the snow ⛄️
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@JimSpenceSport United still in the 2nd tier 😉
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@Blazespage *your life
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@Blazespage Viewing you life through mountain photos - and two pooches who are clearly adored - you seem to be doin…
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Apart from the cracking photo, Christian’s response to those shitehawks at the Daily Mail is fantastic!!!
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@Blazespage Look down on you for living in a caravan?? Ignore them, mate... you don’t need that nonsense in yer life.
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Yes, after much deliberation, the VfG predictor competition is indeed back.

So, if you fancy winning a bespoke, one-of-a-kind, mug get yourself signed up for a VfG account and start playing ... it's that simple.

The first weekend's fixtures are already up on the system and are just waiting for you to start predicting... so what are you waiting for?

You can find the predictor by clicking on this link.

Best of luck!!

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