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if a player needs convinced to fight and to scrap and to want to win the ball, then he won’t be playing for Hearts.

They say actions speak louder than words.  In fact, there is evidence to suggest that people have being saying that - albeit in slightly different words - since the Bible was first written.

The bottom line though is, it's true, actions, do indeed, speak louder than words.

After Wednesday night's horrible capitulation, a few people within the Hearts playing and coaching staff have said some pretty loud words.

In the immediate aftermath of that Scottish Cup exit, head coach, Ian Cathro said "...if a player needs convinced to fight and to scrap and to want to win the ball, then he won’t be playing for Hearts."

Well, Mr Cathro, after yesterday's result against Partick Thistle, those words now, very seriously, need to be acted on.

I know we lost Aaron Hughes in the build-up to kick off ... but why have we allowed ourselves to only seemingly have Faycal Rherras as cover for that slot?  Long term injuries to Paterson and Souttar aside, we seem to be beyond threadbare in terms of defensive cover.  

It would be easy for me to sit and blame Craig Levein for that threadbare situation ... BUT...

It seems that, in terms of the January transfer window, a good few of our new signings were brought in under the recommendation of the coaching staff, rather than the Director of Football.  Certainly Hughes, Tziolis and (most likely Avlonitis) were signed due to Austin McPhee's input.

So, yes, Messrs Cathro and McPhee need to convert those words into actions ... and fast.

They certainly have time to get it right ... and so they should.  The club certainly isn't going to get rid of them due to what should hopefully prove to be no more than a temporary slump.

In terms of us fans, at least two polls (one my own on Twitter and one on Jambos Kickback) currently show that roughly three quarters of those who have voted back the manager ... for the time being at least.

So, that's the coaching side ... and currently I do believe that Cathro & Co will do everything in their power to turn those words from empty rhetoric into actions as soon as they can.  Will that take a summer transfer window and pre-season training?  Quite possibly, and we fans will need to be a bit patient with them.

Now... onto the players.

Two first team players (that I have seen) took to Twitter after the Hibs game ... club captain Perry Kitchen and, recent African Cup of Nations winner, Arnoud Djoum.

I would be inclined not to mention Mr Kitchen's tweet due to him not being in the team yesterday ... but ... after his words, he presumably hasn't shown the fight, or willingness to put things right, in training during the second half of last week.

Actions speak louder than words, Mr Kitchen!

Djoum was in the side that took to the field against Partick Thistle, he posted the tweet above just after 9:30 yesterday morning.

"Ready for the fight"?

Actions speak louder than words, Mr Djoum!

In both of these player's cases, they would seem to have bigger problems than the team's current poor performances.  Both of these guys came into Hearts making noises about, quite rightly, using the club as a springboard to a career in the English Premier League.

Sorry guys, but unless you manage to turn those, seemingly empty, words into positive actions, the only way you are seeing the EPL is from the stands or on a TV screen.

For the guys who came into the club in January, there is currently a chance that they just need to gel, just need to come to terms with the speed and agression which prevails in the Scottish game.

The Hamiltons, the Walkers, the Nicholsons, the Kitchens, the Djoums and on, and on, and on, who have been here since the start of the season, or in many cases, much longer...

Time to get the fingers out!  Time to stop dishing out the right words to the press ... your media training counts for ZERO once you cross that white line and go toe to toe with guys who ARE prepared to go that extra mile to win football matches!

Your head coach can only be blamed for so much.  If you are feeding the same empty lines to him and then not 'walking the walk' on the pitch, I hope he boots your sorry arses into the development team and gives some hungry young lads, like Rory Currie their chance.

As fans, we can take getting beat ... we've all lived through metaphorical kicks in the teeth following Hearts.

What we won't take, what we will noisily REFUSE to accept, is the, quite obvious, lack of passion and fight that has recently been on display!


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