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We all love our dogs. Like the Twitter account @dog_rates says “They’re all good dogs, Brent”. All dogs deserve love and I have no doubt that all dogs return the love they receive ten fold. It is a truth, however, that all dog owners KNOW their dog is the best. We, at VfG Towers, are actually right though when we say that Dexter is the best dog ever, Here’s why:

As some of you may be aware, our son is on the autistic spectrum. He has always been a fun and engaging child. He was and remains a very intelligent child. He also charms everyone he meets…..except it wasn’t always like that. As a child on the autistic spectrum he had a number of quirks that are fairly typical. He did not care about fads and trends like those his own age. He didn’t care about impressing his teachers and often would argue as he was a very literal child. This, obviously, did not endear him to a good few teachers. Of course when teachers disapprove of you the other children learn to avoid you to keep away from trouble. Wee VfG would more easily speak to adults and younger children than his peers and often this left him with no one to play with at home. When he did have a ‘friend’ ask him out they would frequently ignore him if other children came around or worse join in with bullying him.

After much deliberation we decided that it was pointless to keep trying to force him into situations that made him feel worse and that we would take a proactive step. We had read about therapy dogs and knew that many people found support dogs useful. We had no contacts to access a support dog but we knew we could get a dog and try to give Wee VfG a friend easily. We went straight to the SSPCA website and were instantly struck by a small looking white dog on the local page. We decided to go and see the dog and didn’t tell Wee VfG in case it didn’t work out.

We arrived at the SSPCA and were taken to his kennel. The ‘wee’ white dog was actually a nearly full grown lurcher the size of a greyhound but sturdier. He came straight to us with excitement and tail wagging and we knew he was always going to come home with us.

Dexter had been in the SSPCA centre for 3 months and no one had wanted him. His back story was utterly heartbreaking. He had been rescued from a flat full of neglected animals and when they finally took him they found a dead dog in the corner. We’ll never know how poorly he was really treated or how close he came to sharing the fate of the other dog they found.

At the age of 10 months Dexter had had no real experience of walking on a lead, of playing fetch or of freedom (outwith the care he received at the SSPCA). It was a massive undertaking and Mrs VfG has paid the price physically for his over exuberance. Two frozen shoulders due to pulling, a dead leg, a concussion and nearly broken arm are but a few of the injuries caused by a pup who doesn’t know his own speed and strength. All of this aside he has proven himself to be the best dog in the world. He is truly a gentle giant.

He came straight to us with excitement and tail wagging and we knew he was always going to come home with us.

Dexter is Wee VfG’s best friend. He never judges him. He wants nothing more than to be near him and to be patted. He loves to do the infamous lurcher ‘lean’ into his legs and be cuddled. Since Dexter came around Wee VfG is never lonely. Our lad has learned over the last 7 years how to be gentle. He has learned to treat others as he wants to be treated. He knows that he has unconditional love from his parents but also from his pal Dexter.  Dexter also has been very lucky. He now lives in the countryside with people who love him like a son/brother. He loves his treats (carrots especially), he loves playing on hay bales, chasing the football in the field and eating berries off the bush all summer. He and Wee VfG love running wild on the beach and cuddling on the sofa at nights while they watch Star Trek. Dex enjoys lying in front of the open fire with a full belly and hopefully he knows he is loved unconditionally too.

So, as mentioned before, all dogs are special and good but Dexter is just that little bit more. If you ever get tired of seeing our #DailyDoseOfDexter, just be a bit patient. This pup is special and we just want to share him with you all.

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