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Some, F-R David, for example, say they don't come easy.  For some though, they seem to come far TOO easily.

I had intended to sit down and write this wee piece to, light-heartedly, point out to the BBC's Jane Lewis just why the phrase "Hibsed it" isn't nonsense.  On Friday night (the 13th May), Jane posted this little comment on Twitter.. you can see, Jane was making a pretty good case to stop using the H.I phrase due to the performances Hibernian put in over the course of their, ultimately unsuccessful, bid to escape the clutches of the SPFL Championship.  She quite possibly included the Lochend club's performance in this season's League Cup final too.

But in doing that, she rather missed the point - or what I perceive to be the point.

But more about that later.

In hunting down the tweet that I recalled seeing from Ms Lewis, I had a quick look through her Twitter timeline and, although I wish I was, I can't say that I was surprised at some of the responses she received.  

What is it with the internet that causes some members of society to be simply unable to stop themselves from immediately hitting the "cause offense" button?  

Have a wee watch of the video posted below...

...still think it's all big and manly to spout bile at somebody you've never met on the internet?  Personally I can't wait for the video where the guys (and girls) responsible for comments such as these are filmed reading their OWN comments to the targets of their abuse ... and I hope the cameras keep rolling as they are drop-kicked or clothes-lined by the offended parties.

Think before you tweet, kids ... it's not that hard.

Now, back to that point Jane Lewis made about Hibsing it.

I'm not sure at which point Jane Lewis first came across the phrase but, if she is under the impression that it simply means ... "Hibs failed to turn up and got pummeled into submission" ... she's WAY off.

For me, MOST "Hibsings" happen when they DO turn up.  Not only that, they turn up, play well ... sometimes utterly rag-doll their opposition all over the park ... and then somehow contrive, and it's the frequency with which they manage it, to throw every single ounce of effort straight down the crapper.  Now this could be in ninety minutes, such as the infamous 4-4 draw at Tynecastle, where they allowed Hearts to score, not one, but TWO goals ... IN INJURY TIME, or it could be the final game in a competition, for example when all they really had to do was turn up against administration-stricken Livingston in the League Cup final of 2004.  It could even be something as simple as the Hibs FANS building things up ... their "Let's all head to Tynecastle for a relegation party" will, quite possibly, go down in Edinburgh football folklore as one of the top ten Hibsings of all time ... not only did they NOT beat Hearts, and put the last nail in the inevitable relegation coffin, not only did they lose and still be able to turn and say "Well, you'll still go down anyway ... when will we meet again?" etc ... they only went and fell into a spiral that saw them come down WITH us and, given that ability to "Hibs it", leave the fans of the very club the said they would relegate asking "When will we see YOU again?"

Or, of course, it could be, as happened on Friday night ... slumping to defeat with the very last kick of the ball after one hundred and eighty minutes of football where they were, almost without argument, the better team.

Sadly for Falkirk, their performance, as good a gritty, all hands to the pump display as it was, is almost irrelevant.  And saying that the result was, yet another, "Hibsing" is no slur on the Bairns whatsoever ... it's all about the Hibs.

Even if Hibs go out this Saturday and finally, after more than one hundred and fourteen years, take the Scottish Cup back to Easter Road ... it will only START to disassociate them with the most abject of abject footballing failures.


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