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Seeing guys like @ChrisEvans and @MarkRuffalo rally round young Keaton gives me just that little bit of hope for hu…
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RT @BarryAnderson_: Hearts and Hibs battling each other to sign winger Niall McGinn: #HMFC #Hibs #NorthernIreland h…
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@MareeToddSNP Dex needs one of those... not easy to find in the snow ⛄️
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@JimSpenceSport United still in the 2nd tier 😉
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@Blazespage *your life
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@Blazespage Viewing you life through mountain photos - and two pooches who are clearly adored - you seem to be doin…
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Apart from the cracking photo, Christian’s response to those shitehawks at the Daily Mail is fantastic!!!
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@Blazespage Look down on you for living in a caravan?? Ignore them, mate... you don’t need that nonsense in yer life.
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Or I "thought" I would feel bad if/when Hibernian ever won the Scottish Cup while I was alive.  Strange thing is ... I actually find myself feeling almost ... well ... pleased for them.

Maybe it's knowing how ending a long wait for the famous old trophy feels ... maybe I'm just mellowing in my middle age.

But, today they DID go and win the Scottish Cup and ... as a result caused me to reset the timer at the bottom of our home page.

And rather than feeling even the slightest bit low ... all I could think to do was congratulate Hibernian FC and all of her fans and staff.

Enjoy your party guys and girls.

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