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Almost two months ago, I had an idea.

That idea, due to the Tories being returned in government at Westminster, was for supporters of Scottish independence to have a new, party neutral, flag to display that support.

My original idea, as put forward to, graphic artist, Stewart Bremner was for the possibility of, rather than copying the star on the Catalan Estelada, having a Scottish saltire with maybe a stylised thistle in place of the star.  I also mentioned this idea to Alan Bisset (amongst others).

In light of Mr Bremner not bothering to reply to my email ... cheers, Stewart ... I noticed that @Rabid_Halfmoon on Twitter had a similar idea to mine but that they were happy to use the star.

Given that my original idea was to have ONE flag for Scottish indy supporters to rally 'round ... I didn't take my idea any further.

Today though, I would like, if I may be so bold, I would like to suggest one tiny change to the current Scottish Indy flag ... and it is this:

I would like to see the star changed to a yellow 5-pointed star a seen on the EU flag ... this will allow supporters of Scottish independence, not only to show that they still want to BE independent but, to also show that they wish to remain in the EU.

So ... here it is, feel free to use it and distribute it as you see fit.


An independence flag for Scotland

An independence flag for Scotland

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